Hi and welcome to the Pythexe Project Homepage.
The Pythexe project is not being maintained for the foreseeable future. This is due to increased commitments in my professional life, and most of all the fact that Pythexe has been obsoleted because better
solutions exist for what this project was to achieve - namely a convenient GUI for using py2exe for people developing win32-specific python apps.
No useable releases have been made on this project anyway, above a prototype 1 which served its purpose of convincing some MS
users to give the idea some thought. I may, at some point, whack together a simple Tk gui that's useable, but in the meantime,
if anybody wants to to maintain this project and take up the gauntlet of creating a useable artifact, feel free to mail the project admin. Thank you for your time and effort in taking part in the Pythexe project. The name Pythexe is Copyright 2003 M. Harris